Dissapearing Contacts! A Document Library Ballad.

11 11 2008

Yes you heard right! Email contacts created by sharepoint for document libraries are aribitrarily dissapearing. I can literally see them dissapear but i can’t for the life of me figure it out.
This is a new problem. In the past we have been able to email DLs no problem. This started happening out of the blue last week.

I have tried to turn off incoming email, saved settings and re enabled incoming email settings. Sharepoint then creates the appropriate contact in the appropriate OU and then a few minutes later poof! its gone.

I recreated one of the weekend, and thought it was all good but this morning it was gone again.

I have stopped and restarted teh smtp service on my front end. I have rebooted the machine all together.

We have installed MOSS 2007 and added SP1 to it recently, but the emails where still flowing after the install.

But not all contacts are gone. Only a few that get used heavily. So i am flabergasted. Can anyone help?

It seems that when i send an email to a specific library it deleltes the contact from the AD contact OU, in other words, sending the email to the library makes the contact dissapear; atleast it seems that way.


I finally fixed this issue. All I had to restart the Sharepoint tracing service on all my front end servers. That seems to have solved the problem.

Seems like i tried that before, but it never seemed to work. But i can’t remember if i did them for all front ends.




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