Task Pad Views in Sharepoint

2 12 2008

So i was thinking to myself, why not have custom AD task pad views in sharepoint. Theoretically i can be done. So i am trying this to see how it works.

First thing I did becuase I lacked imagination, was to create the task pad view and upload it to a shared document library.

Turns out sharepoint blocks the MMC extension so had to do go into central admin to allow it. Here are the steps:

  1. Browse to the Central Admin site
  2. Select the Operations tab
  3. Under the Security Configuration section, click the link for Blocked file types
  4. Select the Web Application that you would like to modify from the drop down list
  5. Each blocked file extension displayed in the list is blocked by SharePoint.  To enable the blocked file extension, simply remove it from the list.

That works but it only puts the taskpad in the document library. Not too much you can do there unless you want to download it.

Haven’t figured out yet how to embedd the taskpad view into a webpart or if its even possible.




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