NLB 2008 and Moss 2007

18 02 2009

Implementing an NLB cluster with windows 2008 and Moss 2007 isn’t as easy you think, especially if you are trying to access the NLB cluster from a different subnet.

According to MS you must add the default gateway to the local arp table of the server.

The original command would be arp -s but more than likely you will get an access denied or unable to create arp entry error 5.

The way around this is to use the Netsh command to connect to the IPV4 lac.

Here are the specific steps:
step1: type cmd then ctrl + shift + enter to get admin privilege

step2: I am assuming that you want to bind you default gateway’s ip with its mac. so just get the mac address of that,

normally it could be find under web entry eg or have a look at you device mannual.

step3: in the cmd windows, type

netsh -c “interface ipv4”

this command is going to enter the the configuration context under interface ipv4, then you will see the prompty become like ‘netsh interface ipv4>’

step4: type —> set neighbors “Connection_name” “A.B.C.D” “XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX”

where Connection_name could be. eg, in english version of vista, it is normally be

“Local Area Connection”

A.B.C.D is the ip address that you want to bind

XX-XX-….-XX-XX is the MAC address associate with A.B.C.D

after you done this , you can check it wil arp -a, and you can see that it has be statically bind A.B.C.D to the XX-…-XX




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