More sharepoint alert wierdness! Alert links don’t work after url change.

5 05 2009

If you have been following sharepointdojo, you no doubt now the alert nightmares I have experienced. Here is another one:

Upon migrating my farm to new location and hardware, it was noted that alerts where still pointing to the old farm. How do iyou fix this?

Well the good people over at the msdn forums pointed me in the direction of the sql table that all alert subscriptions are housed: immedSubscriptions.

Below is linkage that shows you how to change the alerts to point to the new farm.

On a side note, always use the alternate access map name and not the server name. Trust me it will save you a huge headache later.




3 responses

6 05 2009
Tom Vandaele

Especially check the update on my post, since there is a possibility to solve this without doing changes to the database itself. Just use the SharePoint Administration Toolkit.


15 05 2009

The sql way actually worked better for me. Thanks for the heads up.

25 04 2011

How about this way proposed by MS. We need not touch the databases.

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