Application Registry Service…what is it? what happens if i delete the db?

24 11 2010

The application registry service enables users to search and collaborate around business data and provides backward compatibility to BDC service.

During my sharepoint 2010 travels, I cam across an interesting issue. In an effort to rename databases to something other the “wss_dbname_reallylongguidthatmakesnosense”, i deleted this database and forgot about it for some time. Low and behold, the application registry service still shows as started and runs happily, or so it seems. I am sure the logs are screaming some bloody murder, but the Central Admin console is just perfectly fine running. Why is this? If I deleted a database, shouldn’t sharepoint be screaming at me with some cryptic message? Apparently not until I actually connect to a BDC service with MOSS 2007 or, I try to manually backup the farm. Either way, there is a way to fix this.

Obviously, you can recreate the database using powershell, but, I don’t know how to do that yet fluently, so I took the easy approach.

1. First I deleted the application registry service.

2. Then I clicked on the wizard. The wizard is kind of nifty, because it tells you with choices what service application can be installed. Low and behold, the ARS is one of them. So I clicked on it and continued.

3. I decided to skip the whole creating a new site collection, since I already had one and success, the ARS db is happily back in sql with its ridiculous long guid name.

Happy time.




One response

4 08 2011

Please give me a steps to delete Application Regsitry Service and Recreate it..


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