Sharepoint Tango Moving Content Databases from MOSS to SP2010

22 12 2010

Recently, I was asked what the best way to migrate from moss to 2010 was.

I am of course I am assuming that you have a clean sharepoint 2010 installation. If not, its probably a good idea to start there.

Once that is up and running, here is what you can do:


1) Find the content Database; These are listed under Central Admin->Application Management->Site Collection List

2) Backup the content database, You could alternatively detach it, and copy it. Just doing a backup in SQL Server Management studio is easier.

3) Restore content database to new server, Copy the BAK file to new server. Create an empty DB in Management Studio, restore from backup, you may need to change an option in the “options” tab of the restore dialog to get it to work. (Overwrite db).

4) Create Web App on SharePoint 2010

5) Remove Content Database from the new web app.

Now use STSADM to add restored DB to this web app

c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extentions\14\bin on new server is where you can find the STSADM.

run this command from there. Which will upgrade the content db to 2010?

stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http://yourwebapp:port -databasename yourcontentdb -databaseserver yoursqlserver

6) Run ISSRESET from command prompt

7) Sigh in relief nothing broke.

Have fun and remember always be SP safe.





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