SharePoint 2010 Document sets and Custom Views, yes we can!

9 09 2011

Loving the document sets is hard to do if you can’t do the custom view dance. But, fear not, you can love all you want, because there is a way to achieve custom views inside of document sets.

As you all probably know, if you have a document library with document sets and you create a custom view, all hell breaks loose, and sharepoint treats the document sets as filterable items. What we wanted to just sort, filter and group the items INSIDE the document sets, not the sets themselves.

Microsoft did a really good job in hiding this feature from plain site. So enjoy the fruits of my laborious labor, er, searching, cuz i have found the answer. Here is how:

1. Create your custom view. Make sure you give it a descriptive name.

2. Its ok to group stuff via metadata. Don’t forget Metadata is your best friend.

3. Now comes the tricky part. Go to Library Settings and under Content Types click on the document set content type. This will bring the properties of the document set up.

4. Click on Document Set settings. This is where the magic happens.

5. Way down at the bottom, there is a Welcome Page View. In Select view, the custom view you just create in step one should be there, along with all the others. Select your view.

6. Click OK, and go back to your document set.

7. Rejoice in the love.

I do have one question for you all.

Do you like apples?

If answer = yes

How do you like them apples?







12 responses

30 04 2012

Sweet. Thanks – I needed that. And the Good Will Hunting quote is the cherry on top.

4 06 2012
6 12 2012

Thank you this was very helpful!

4 03 2013

Very Very Helpful!! There are some other important settings in the “Document Set Settings” that everyone may want to look into…. Shared Columns have to be checked for Document Set Properties to trickle down to the documents in it. Welcome Page Columns.. are shown above the documents when you are looking at the contents of the Document Set. I used them up there so I didn’t have to display so many columns below.

10 05 2013

OK – what am I missing that I don’t see View Settings anywhere on the Document Set Settings page??

18 06 2013


Thanks a for very good post. In my case, documents within document sets are sorting as they should but the document sets are not sorting correctly. I am sorting these document set by their Name in ascending order but its sorting like this:


Any ideas?

16 07 2013

Have no idea what SharePoint is doing now but… when I click on the link “Customize The Welcome Page” it opens a new page with sort of a scrambled view of the Document set, showing “Property Value” every where..

So just to be sure, way “on the bottom” I can only see one link: “Customize the Welcome Page”; is that what you are talking about in step 5 ?

Any idea ?

16 07 2013

aaah, found it… I didn’t read step 3 properly … (Went to Content Type properties via site settings.. )


16 07 2013

Thank you for this post, it’s VERY helpful ! I wish Microsoft would create the possibility to select views or even better, connect views to audiences ..

Thanks again,

11 09 2013

I want to add to this for those in the same boat as Angela. You cannot do this at the site content type level – it has to be in the child content type on the list. I know you specified that’s where to go, but I’m thinking it may be nice to have the clarity. That’s why I hadn’t found this earlier! I was getting everything done at the site level! So, thank you!

8 05 2014

great. thanks!

26 06 2014

You’re the man!

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