Turn Folders into Document Sets. YUP!

2 11 2011

Is this possible? Can sharepoint be this Awesome?
Yes it can. All you need is this:

This handy codeplex WSP that fixes the annoying bug in sharepoint that doesn’t totally convert folders
to document sets all the way:

2. You need to create a workflow in sharepoint designer.
Choose List Item and choose the Document library/Library you want to associate the WF with.
What we wan to do now is set a condition that says, “if the content type id=Folder, set contentId to Document Set.
You must set the workflow to start when a new item is created.
Once you have all these configured, the magic happens. Your Folder is now a document set. You can create different document set content type. Very very handy.

If you need more help, just leave a comment. I will get back to you asap.






4 responses

17 02 2013
Jacob Peterson

Would it be possible to get some screen shots of code? This is exactly what I need.


5 06 2013


Thanks for a very helpful post. I activated the Folder to Doc Set feature and ran your SPD workflow. I can see that the Content Type is changed as per the workflow but it still shows them as folders and not Document Set. When I check the properties of the folder, it says “Document Set Version History” but doesn’t have any Document set features including Welcompe page, metadata etc.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

9 04 2015
17 11 2015

I saw your article on subject matter.
I uploaded sandboxed solution from codeplex it works fine.

This is wonderful solution

however I get a message in documents set “Update the Document Set”

Do you know how to solve this?

With Best Regards,

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