Document Center and Content Organizer

17 02 2012

One of SharePoint 2010’s hidden gems is the combo document center and content organizer.
By default the Document Center has a nifty Upload Document Button, but it goes to the standard document library. You can change that and point it to the Drop Off LIbrary that is produced when you enable the Content Organizer.

All you have to do is change some javascript. Here is how:

Edit the welcome page from Site Actions, and then click on the “Upload a Document” button. You will see this is actually just a content editor web part, so from the ribbon, under “Editing Tools” / “Format Text” click the HTML drop-down and then “Edit HTML Source”.

Replace the reference to the “Documents” library with “DropOffLibrary” i.e.:

<div><button onclick=”javascript:OpenNewFormUrl(‘DropOffLibrary/Forms/upload.aspx’);return false;” type=”submit”><nobr><img alt=”Upload a Document” src=”/_layouts/Images/uploaddoc.png”/> <span>Upload a Document</span></nobr></button> </div>

Save or stop editing the page and your done! The “Upload a Document” button will now default to uploading document to the Drop Off Library!




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