Keynote notes

4 05 2015

Satya says mobile first cloud first. Not sure how I feel about that yet. He did say devices don’t matter. Only experiences. 

Create more personal computing. Investing heavily in personal data. Building trust into the kernel? Can I build that into my mortgage? 

Super stoked for holographic computing. 

Most profound change is windows 10. WAS. Windows as a service. 

New capabilities for windows update. Not sure what he meant by that. Please god make it not break SharePoint. 

Satya said skizm. I heard it. 

Satya says compliance is built into all collaboration platforms. So that end users choose what they want and have it pros be able to lock it down. 

Driving application agility. Devops in visual studio. 
Real Madrid was introduced as a transformative example with social awareness and player analytics.  

Windows 10 is the center of the keynote.   

Windows 10 looks cool and is aimed at windows 7 users for upgrade. 

Task view will show old win 32 and new 10 apps. Familiarity is key

A lot of cortana love. Siri is not jealous. Cortana with local index for searching files is awesome. 

Cortana connected to powerbi!!!


New Delve helps you work better by showing you what you are spending the most time in.  






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