Forgotten WFM Autogeneration Key? I got your back!

8 02 2017

You ever forget that stupid autogenerated certificate password to join a SharePoint Workflow Manager Farm? Did you ever inherit a SharePoint farm with no passwords and you need to leave and rejoin a wfm farm(happens alot). Or perhaps you want to scale out your WFM farm and do not have the password.

I struggled with this one myself, and I am here to show you the way.

There is no way to retrieve it, that i know of. But I can show you how to change it.

Step 1 – DO NOT LEAVE THE WFM FARM! YOu can do this if you do leave the farm, but it will take the full DB Connection string to get this to work.

Step 2-Open powershell on your WFM machine and run these commands to update WFM Auto generated key.

PS C:\> $autoGenerateKey = convertto-securestring 'CertAutoGenKey123'  -asplaintext -force
PS C:\> Set-WFCertificateAutoGenerationKey  -WFFarmDBConnectionString 'dbConnectionString' -key $autoGenerateKey -Verbose
This will change the certificate generation key most people set when they run WFM the first time.
Step 2- Update the Service bus key as well. You can’t do one without the other. From powershell type this:
PS C:\> $SBGenerateKey = convertto-securestring 'CertAutoGenKey123'  -asplaintext -force
PS C:\>Set-SBCertificateAutogenerationKey-WFFarmDBConnectionString 'dbConnectionString' -key $autoGenerateKey -Verbose

That’s it. You should now be able to join the server to the WFM farm.

Microsoft does not make it easy to find this stuff, so i decided to help you all out.






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