The Secret of MIM(2016). A Ballad of UPS.

5 06 2017

We have come full circle with UPS and SharePoint. The year is 2017. The players are the same. We look back fondly at 2010 where we battled with the toddler known as the User Profile Service. 7 years later, that toddler is a full blown teenager and the battle begins again.

A worthy oponent this was, yet as true as the warrior is to war, I am to the UPS. I will be blogging about my hard fought battle with SharePoint 2016 with MIM 2016, custom attributes, and yes, custom connection to SQL to bring back User details.

The story shall be told. Battles where lost, but the war  was won.

Very special thanks to Spencer Harbar and Todd Klindt for their infiniate morsels of wisdom. That dude Spencer slayed that dragon way before I did.

Stayed Tuned. For in the morrow i shall regale thee with the Secret of MIM!

see what i did there….





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8 06 2017
The Secret Of MIM: For SharePoint 2016 | Sharepoint Dojo

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