SharePoint 2016 more delicious with cinnaMINROLES; Now with FP1

13 06 2017

If you have been following Dojo for the last few weeks, you may have noticed that I have been riding the Sp2016 Ship lately. Not sure if that came across or not.

One of the most talked about new features in 2016 is the new MinRole topology. I could point you to the official Microsoft documentation, but instead, you should all go to Spencer Harbar’s blog. His indepth knowledge is quite invaluable.

So why MinRole you ask? 3 words…ZERO DOWNTIME PATCHING (maybe its 4?). Well, that’s the best thing for someone like me, but there are tons of other reasons why you want MinRoles. Spencer has 2 great articles that you should read before you continue here:


Ok, now that I am done brownosing that English dude, the reason for this post was to enlighten you on some not so obvious things, specifically around Feature Pack 1.

Feature Packs are like the new old Service Packs and they come in a few flavors:

  1. language independant
  2. language dependant

In November of 2016 Microsoft released the first Feature Pack for SharePoint 2016. You can read all about the cool new features it comes here : Feature Pack 1.

Today’s post is about MinRoles and the difference between pre and post FP1 topologies.

Before FP1 your minimum supported MinRole configuration had to be 4 SharePoint Servers:

  1. search
  2. application
  3. web front end
  4. distributed cache – yup, you heard right.

For High availability  you needed 8 servers:

  1. 2 search
  2. 2 applications
  3. 2 wfe
  4. 2 distributed cache…ugh

But, after FP1 that all changed as Microsoft introduced the concept of shared roles. This means you can now combine, application with search, distributed cache with front ends, and custom anything  you want.

The minimu supported MinRole config is now just 2 servers:

  1. application + search
  2. wfe + distributed cache.

For full HA all you need now are 4 SharePoint Servers.

  1. 2 app searches
  2. 2 WFE + Distributed Cache.

Not bad Microsfot, not bad at all!

Just thought I would let yall know. If you didn’t already. WHich you probably did, but just in case.