SP 2010 Disabling site Publishing Feature = Fail

14 06 2012

So here I am, trying to figure out how to create a page template. Of course SharePoint doesn’t like you to save things as templates if you have the publishing feature turned on ( i knew why, but the momentary laps in judgement due to my add, made me forget). So what do I do? Like a total noob, i go and disable publshing feature.
No Suup forrr JU! – soup nazi.
Errors all over the place. So naturally I said oops and tried to re enable it. It doesn’t scream at me.
But alas, the New Page Button is gone from the site actions menu.
Minor inconvenience i guess…but no it isn’t. There is more. I navigate to the Pages library to confirm its still there and it is. So i decide to create a new page and it does. But when i try to check it in i get:
-Invalid SPListItem. The SPListItem provided is not compatible with a Publishing Page.- And a bunch of red /.

Panic starts to set it.

But then I remembered something Yoda once said. Ok there are many things Yoda said that apply here, but none rang more true than:

May the Force be with you.

Powershell is a life saver. I did a quick search on syntax and ran these very commands:

PS C:\Users\spfarmadmin>Disable-spfeature Publishing -url http://yoursite/subsite -force

PS C:\Users\spfarmadmin> Enable-spfeature Publishing -url http://yoursite/subsite -force


Everything is back to normal. New Page button is back.

Now if i can only -force myself to stop doing stupid things in SharePoint, I would be set.

But then you guys wouldn’t have anything to read about.






Reporting Services Option Disappears from CA after SQL r2 upgrade?

23 02 2011

I am not quite sure if R2 upgrade is the cause of this problem or not, but it is quite coincidental that after moving content databases to a new r2 server, the reporting services option in Central Admin-General Settings is totally gone. No error messages, nothing, just gone.
After pounding my head for a day, I figured out you have to reinstall the add in.
It can be found here:

If anyone else runs into this let me know.


10 Tips Troubleshooting Installations for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation

25 09 2010

If i haven’t mentioned him before, i will now. Sharepoint Joel is one of the most knowledgeable sharepoint people on the planet. His site has helped me so much in the past.
Here are some great links for troubleshooting sharepoint 2010.

SP2010 pod

25 09 2010

I am currently attempting to install sharepoint 2010 on a self contained external hard drive. I will keep you posted on my success/failures.

Sharepoint 2010 on windows 7

19 01 2010

I have successfully installed sharepoint 2010 beta on windows 7. The instructions are pretty straight forward. Thanks to Rehman Gul for the easy to read instructions.
Steps can be found here:

Just so you guys know, if you are running windows 7 professional, the only prereqs to install is the MS Filter Pack. All the other downloads are useless.
Run the command line IIS install config and add the NON HTTP Activation under .net 3.5. Add the line in the config file and you are ready to go.

Your installation may fail the first time but if you run it again it will successfully complete.

I didn’t even have to reboot.

There you have it folks. Now you can take SP2010 with you on your laptops