Welcome to the Sharepoint Dojo. This is my journey into the vast world of Sharepoint and all the bumps and bruises I have experienced along the way. There are even some cool tricks i have picked up.

I am a Windows/*nix system administrator by trade, but find myself fascinated by the versatility of sharepoint. I started my training back in 2005 with 2003 and have migrated up to 2007 along the way.  Make no mistake about it, planning and installing sharepoint in a company that has never had an intranet in the 60 plus years its been in existence is hardly a walk in the park. However, with great support from my superiors and a lot of patience, I have managed to do what a lot of people thought could not be done. Sharepoint has been a run away hit, and has quickly become a critical app. People have come to rely on sharepoint more than I ever thought possible.

This is my story. 

Feel free to ask any questions.



2 responses

4 10 2010
Gregg Rossi

Nando- You came highly reccomended and I have a SharePoint I am looking to fill right now, more of a contract freelance gig and wanted to see if you would be interested. Please give me a call at 503.768.3707 or drop me a line at grossi@kforce.com if you are avaliable. Thanks Nando!

25 07 2012
Harrison Bishop

Nando-I actually spent time this evening with Gregg and we were talking about an opening that one of my clients has for a high visibility, architect level contract that would at least run through the end of the year. He mentioned that you would be a great resource to reach out to. Drop a line if your interested to hbishop@kforce.com or direct at 503.768.3715. Thanks Nando!

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