Sp2013 AppDomain – YOu have to do what?

20 03 2013

So after all this time, some people are still having issues with the app domain. I came across this little golden nugget of info after installing an app domain with a host header web application:

*Important – please note that if you are using Host Headers for your Web Application then you will need to create a new Web Application on port 80 that doesn’t use Host Headers. This Web App must have a root site collection which can be of any template. If you don’t do this then when you try to click on an App you will be met with a 404 error. This is because SharePoint uses the site running on Port 80 to resolve the app url, this must be a SharePoint site so the Default Web Site won’t work. Once you have created the Web Application and blank Site Collection do an IISRESET just to be sure. For more details on this check out Mirjam’s post here.

What is up with that?