Do you need SharePoint help?
Is SharePoint out of control where you work?
Do you need SharePoint training?
Do you want to bring SharePoint to your organization but don’t know where to start?
If you answered YES, to any of the questions, I can help.
SharePoint is like The Matrix, you cannot be told what it is, you have to be shown.

Fernando Melo is an experienced IT professional, focusing on Microsoft SharePoint. He has been evangelizing SharePoint since 2005.
His passion for helping make things better for people has also led him to writing about his experiences and failures on SharepointDojo.
His goal is to improve collaboration through SharePoint all over the world, because lets face it, the awesomeness of SharePoint needs to spread.
He is Microsoft Certified and everything.
Fernando believes that his creativity is the centerpiece to his success with the SharePoint platform.
His many years as a system administrator gives him a unique over all perspective on deploying SharePoint in all kinds of environments.
Fernando enjoys injecting humor into most situations and sometimes is serious as well, but most of the time, humor.
Also speaking in the third person is somewhat strange, but necessary.

Specialties: SharePoint Architecture and Administration
SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Training.
SharePoint 2010 and 2013 De-Tangling.

Windows 2003 Active Directory Management and Architecture
Windows 2008 AD Management and Architecture
Exchange 2003
Exchange 2007
Sharepoint Backup and Recovery Docave 4.5
Website Design and Implementation
Linux Administration
Business Systems Analysis


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