SharePoint 2016 is out!

24 08 2015

So excited to announce that the Tech Preview for SharePoint 2016 is out today. Read all about it, here
This link includes the link to the download as well. Scroll down to the bottom.
So much cool geek stuff in this tech preview to talk about. I will be updating the Dojo when i get my VM running at home.
Also, there is an AZURE SharePoint 2016 offering coming this week. Stay tuned for details.
I am off to install it. Will post later.



SharePoint 2016 is here, or is it?

4 05 2015

Walking the floor getting to the SharePoint 2016 roadmap, you will be hard pressed to find any SharePoint demos. The cloud is omni present and any traces of on premis SharePoint is cleverly resigned to the fine print.
“Come to our booth and learn about this cool O365 plugin!”, was a line a heard quite a bit. Naturally I asked about on prem and ubiquitous answer was, “oh yeah we do that too.”

But now, Mr.Baer is about to make all our dreams come true with 2016. The anticipation is palpable.
Wifi suddenly went down but now its back up.

I guess Bose is here and they went to the cloud

Ernest and young has on prem sp and decided to stay on prem yay!

So what did I learn about SharePoint 2016? Well its going to be awesome.
No down time patching, which makes me very happy.
DOCID type technology that follows the document all over the farm.The link never changes!
Built on SharePoint 2013 base technology.
The ability to connect to office graphy online!

I am super excited about it all. More to come.


Ignite bound: The Age of SharePoint. 

3 05 2015

They said SharePoint 2016 was coming so I decided to go check it out.  Stay tuned to the dojo for highlights.